Celebrating the fun of running

Celebrating the fun of running

And so our #100daysofrunning came to a joyful conclusion this morning with marching bands and cake and certificates and shirtless men.

Hey, I kid you not.

Well, only a bit.

The marching band and the shirtless blokes weren’t strictly part of our happy, noisy group, but they certainly added to the buzz around India Gate this morning.

After 99 days of solitary running, I finally got to meet my fellow lunatics, all of us having run more/less on more/less days throughout our brutal Delhi summer.

It was brilliant to put faces to names, and we all did an easy run up and down Raj Path, with (I’m almost sure) more time spent posing for a zillion photos than actually running our last 5 km.

Whilst we foregathered in front of India gate, cadets (I think) were marching purposefully up and down

At one point it looked as though they might actually want to be part of our run

As I said, there were shirtless men running down Raj Path (told ya):


And before you call me a pervy old lady, Dave is a mate, AND I checked with his wife before posting, so there you go.

We had cake (lots of it)


We got certificates, we listened to each other’s stories, especially that of our running champion Nischint Katoch, who clocked a cool 1,233.18km:


Here is our Great Leader, Tanvir, the man behind this amazingly happy and successful enterprise:


And here we are, posing for (guess what) another photo:

11816275_10152908948135388_6336665598238478076_o (1)

Fun, fun, fun.

Thanks yet again to every single one of you.

And to finish, here’s another photo.  And why ever not?  We had loads of fun, and it shows!



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