One man’s musings on #100daysofrunning

One man’s musings on #100daysofrunning

A couple of weeks ago, I asked fellow participants in our online #100daysofrunning challenge to share their thoughts on the challenge and how it is has impacted their lives.
One runner, Santanu Deb, sent me a very detailed reply, and I thought I would hand over this blog post to him, and let him tell you in his own words what these 100 days have meant to him.

:::::: Why have you joined this challenge? :::::
I have never done anything like this ever in my life. I wanted to be a part of this so much. I started this thinking that I may not be able to complete it but still I wanted to start and see how far I can go. I was amazed to see the kind of participation from across states, cities, body types etc. I wanted to be associated with ‘these’ running fanatics to learn from them.

:::::: Impacted/Changed your life in the last 90+ days :::::
I am proud of the way I managed my runs and my life-outside-my-runs. The last 2.5 months have been awesome. I found myself planning the evenings so that I could sleep early and have a good sleep before next morning run. On days when I could not run in the morning, I would plan the activities in the evenings so that I can snatch a 30 mins slot to have a quickie. I have seen myself running at 10 PM because the day was tight and that is the only time when I could have a 2 KM run.
I have evolved to be a better person leave aside my running stats. From a person who would not run at all in 2014 same time, I have become someone who would look forward to the moment when I would update my running stats and share it with my friends.
This activity also made my family think about their own health habits. My wife started her gym after a gap of 4 years. My diabetic mother increased her morning walk laps. My brother started to eat healthy. My 4 year old daughter started to understand what running is and why does my dad go for running every day.
I have made some great friends and continue to get motivated by them. I salute the feats of people like Piyush Shah and respect them.

:::::: Would you do it again? :::::
This one is easy. Yes, yes & yes. I can participate in a similar activity again any time.


Santanu, thank you so much.

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