Hey! We just ran round the earth!

Hey! We just ran round the earth!

This blog post is dedicated to every single amazing person who took part in the online #100daysofrunning challenge.


Today is day 99/100 of our challenge and as I write this post, we have collectively run an incredible 46071.5km.

And the circumference of the earth is…


From experience, some folks will run later tonight, so the tally will further increase.

Those of us who are Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon based are meeting (finally!!) tomorrow morning for a ceremonial final run together down Rajpath.  So our tally will go up even further.

But as it stands now, friends, we have pulled off something pretty impressive.  As a group, we have run round the globe and with loads and loads of km to spare.  Over 6000km extra to spare.

Many of the runners do know each other personally, but some of us don’t really know anyone else, so it’s all been the power of the internet.  And, of course, group pressure.

We have all got to know each other over these hot and humid summer months, logging our miles online, sharing our adventures, and – bless you all – even allowing yourselves to be bullied into sending me photos and words for this blog.  And that’s without having met most of you!

Said it before, saying it again – what an awesome group of people you all are.

Tomorrow will be fun.

Meeting up.

Running and breakfast.

And I daresay a celebratory photo or two.

Thank you, thank you, thank to everyone involved –  organisers, fellow runners and now, dare I say it, new friends.

Well done us!

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