What’s on your running playlist?  SATISFACTION, that’s what

What’s on your running playlist? SATISFACTION, that’s what

Hey, I fessed up the other day that bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Queen are totally my generation.

Not ashamed to admit it.

Which is why Satisfaction is big and noisy on my playlist

When I checked the bpm for this, it’s a tad odd, ranging from 135->136->142->144->150.

But actually, who cares, in the end?  It’s such a great song.

And yes, of course, that would indeed be me, the embarrassing senior citizen karaoke-ing away off-key as she trots along the streets of Delhi, headphones plugged in, Sir Mick belting it out.

“…I can’t get no, oh no, no, no
Hey hey hey, that’s what I say

I can’t get no, I can’t get no
I can’t get no satisfaction
No satisfaction, no satisfaction, no satisfaction…”

Go on, download “Satisfaction” here and now, if you haven’t already got this classic on your playlist.

Just click on the link below to the iTunes store.

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