What did you see on your run today? Yikes! A what?!!

What did you see on your run today? Yikes! A what?!!

So, as you may have gathered from the odd connectivity moment, we were in Borneo last week, on a scuba diving holiday on Mabul Island, and the whole thing was utterly fabulous.

Our hotel was built on stilts, jutting out into the ocean and is connected by a walkway over the ocean to the little island, so going for a run every day was – yes, indeed – interesting. (The #100daysofrunning challenge, remember…)

Mainly I ran along the wooden runway connecting our hotel to the island, and then ran round and round and round the island (for ’tis a very teensy tiny darling little island).

And one evening, as I ran along the walkway, I stopped to gaze down at the ocean (as one does) and see what I spied…a ginormous banded sea krait:

Sure knocks the stray dogs of Delhi into a cocked hat, I can tell you.

But despite its fearsome appearance and its seriously toxic bite (Google it, if you don’t believe me) these sea snakes are not aggressive.  Hmm, yes, whatever.

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  1. Not aggressive but, apparently, very romantic!!!! The males come ashore early in the evening and wait at the high tide line for the females. Females are much larger and many males will escort and intertwine around a single female.


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