Oh, the amazing power of our #100daysofrunning challenge

Let me set the scene for you.

I write this sitting in a village on stilts, on a sandbank off Mabul Island, which is off the coast of Borneo, which is off the coast of Malaysia.

Pretty remote, in other words, and absolutely fabulous.

We are on a family scuba diving holiday, and after our first day’s diving today –  3 dives, 6 boat trips, lots of sun, lots of swimming – I felt bushed.  Flat out tired & ready to turn in and sleep for ever.

In the normal course of events, there is no way on earth I would’ve gone for an evening run.  Just way too tired.

But there’s this challenge, remember?

100 days of running.


Involving people I hardly know/don’t know at all/may well never meet.

Nothing “in it” other than personal satisfaction.

And so…obviously I went out for a run.

AND felt fantastic, energized, and so much better for having trotted up and down the walkway linking our hotel to the tiny island of Mabul.  Over the walkway, onto the island, down the sandy track towards the beach, with coconut palms everywhere.

Too, too good.


Between the adrenalin of running and the compulsiveness (is that actually a word?) of a challenge, there is no way I could not lace up my running shoes, exhaustion or no exhaustion.

#100daysofrunning is one of the most amazing things to have happened.

Just can’t believe we are entering the home straight.

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