What did you see on your run today? #14 comes from London


Our running photo today comes from Bushy Park, London, courtesy of my friend Romit (he of the beer bottle photo. Exactly, well remembered).

Romit told me about the concept of Park Runs, when he was on a visit to Delhi late last year, and we trotted sedately down Rajpath, chatting about different running cultures.
Park Run is a global movement, whereby runners rock up at a local park, and run. For free. Local volunteers organise it.
What this means is that if you are travelling, you can just go online, find which park everyone is running in, and Bob’s your uncle.

Not sure how this would work in India.
(Actually, it might work quite well, having seen the brilliant organisation of the 100km run 2 weeks ago in Dwarka.)

Back to London.
Romit whatsapped me this photo, above, of his run this weekend. 902 people turned up.
Heck, but that’s a lot of people for a casual weekend friendly run.

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