What did you see on your run today? #13 comes from Kuala Lumpur

I went out for a run late last night in Kuala Lumpur – and as an aside oh, the joys of running in a city with proper street-lighting and safe roads.  More anon…

Yes, so I went out running late last night, and set out just as a massive tropical storm broke over the city.  Thunder, lightening, torrential rain, so I took shelter under a footbridge with a smiley Chinese Malay man who politely offered me a plastic chair.


We sat there in companionable smiling silence for ages (probably about 20 minutes) while the storm raged, and then when it began to calm down, he got up, smiled even more and said “When stop rain, you go run” and off he went.

Despite the downpour, the streets were not flooded, the traffic lights were working, the traffic was flowing normally…fellow dilliwalas, you get my drift?

So off to the pretty KLCC park I went, and watched with delight as the remnants of the storm raged around the top of the Petronas Towers.  Lots of lightening but not much else, as the storm blew itself out, and as it abated, the sky was just gorgeous:



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