What’s on your running playlist? LANA DEL REY

What’s on your running playlist? LANA DEL REY

Starting running at this late stage in my life means that pretty much everything is a new discovery.

How so?

Oh, things like

• Hey! Guess what, I can actually run.

• How lovely fellow runners are.

• The excitement of competing, after a childhood of always being the last one to be picked for a team.

• And, of course, music.

Putting together my playlist –  which gets longer, the longer I run and how fabulous is that? – means that I am now moving beyond the music of my generation, and discovering new music from fellow runners.

Runners such as my friend Lieze in Cape Town (who is yet another of the seriously talented and accomplished women friends I am lucky to have) who sent me various names of singers on her running playlist.

And so now, thanks to Lieze, I have discovered Lana del Rey.

Yup, I know, I know.

Am I the only person on the planet who didn’t know of her?

But better late than never.  Be it running or music.

What a fab voice.


I have just downloaded this song (below)


And if you, too, like Wes Coast, the just click on the link below and hey presto, it’s on your running playlist, too!

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