What’s on your running playlist? JAI HO!

What’s on your running playlist? JAI HO!

And a new section of runninginindia.rocks kicks off today.
Where we talk about the music that motivates us.

I’m going to share with you tracks from my playlist, and I really hope you will all reciprocate.  The songs that uplift us and make us keep on running are worth sharing and I for one am always on the lookout for new music.

So, what shall it be, to inaugurate this musical section of the blog?

Oh, “Jai ho”, I think.

It’s a brilliantly catchy song + I love it + when I ran my first ever HM last October,  I had a total “Jai ho!” moment.

It was, literally, the realisation that I “only” had 6km left to finish my first half marathon (which I had entered on the spur of the moment, totally unprepared) combined with “Jai ho!” blasting out through my headphones, that made me realise that yes, actually, I might just be able to have a Jai ho moment of my own.

Whenever I listen to this song –  which is once a day when I run –  that moment in front of the Red Fort comes back to me, and it makes me run a little bit faster.

Enjoy this 30 second clip, below, and you can then buy the song, if you want it on your playlist.

Should you wish to download this brilliant song right now, it couldn’t be easier. Just click on the link below, to go straight to the iTunes store.


  1. I love that song as well! We are not listening to music while running .. we talk and talk and talk 🙂 But we do have music on during our Friday work out in the gym! Favourite work out song? “Can’t hold us” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

  2. It will sound totally different that I listen to BBC podcasts on the run. Yes!
    I listen to it only during my runs in the park (and never on roads).
    One of the podcast channel is about the BBC documentaries from various topics around the world.
    Other is ‘BBC Click’ which is about the latest happenings in technology,
    It also happens that some documentaries are based on music and sounds of a particular nation.

    – Harminder

    Harminder Singh

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