Go Genzebe Dibaba !

And we have a new world record, as of yesterday.

Ethiopia’s Genzebe Dibaba set a new world record of 3:50.08 for 1500m.

Which means (I think) that she ran a kilometre in 2 minutes and 40 seconds –  I am rounding up and down very loosely here.  And, being particularly inept at maths, if I’ve made a complete pig’s ear of this calculation, please feel free to correct me.

So where was I?

Yes, 2:40 minutes per km.

images (1)

Fast.  Very fast.

Makes my split timing of 5:54 for my best kilometre this morning seem oh-so-slow.

And yes, I know I know, you shouldn’t comment on people’s physical appearance, but concentrate only on their skills yadda yadda yadda, but what the heck  – I think this girl is absolutely gorgeous to boot.

download (1)

Just look at that smile:

images    images (3)

Just one look at that smile, and you love this girl.

And, by the way, another advantage of now being a runner is that stats and world records like this now actually/physically mean something.  Which is pretty cool.

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