What did YOU see on your run today? #3 is from South Africa

I have a lovely, terrifyingly accomplished friend who lives on a farm in South Africa’s Western Cape. A championship rider who also runs and writes a blog and is writing a book. And of course she loves dogs.

Yes, quite.

What’s not to like about Sarah Arnot?

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On her morning runs with the adorable Seamus, Sarah documents the amazing floral life of this gorgeous part of a gorgeous country.  She is especially fond of fynbos –  a unique heathland vegetation that really only occurs in the western Cape.

Hence the name of her blog.

This is what Sarah saw on her latest run.  An endangered flower no less.


“The first Leucospermum lineare of the year.

This lovely pincushion, known as “The Vulnerable” and a member of the protea family, is endangered.”

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your running photo of the day.

And please keep sharing with us.

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