The dog ate my running shoes

The dog ate my running shoes

Actually, he didn’t.

(But, as an aside, he does so love my smelly post-run socks).

So, no my daft Golden did not eat my running shoes, but this was my attempt to turn “the dog ate my homework” into a legit excuse as to why I didn’t get get up and go running early this morning as planned.

And the reason is?


My shoes were still soaking wet from yesterday, that’s why.

I did get up pre-dawn.

It was not raining. (It is now, though, at 7am. Fair chucking it down.) But it was damp and humid and grey, and my lovely running shoes were still v-e-r-y damp, despite having had several rounds of the newspaper treatment.

You know, scrunched up newspaper inside the shoes, to soak up the damp.

Like so:


I love reading running blogs, but the trouble is, 99% of them are written from a phoren perspective***, and there are times when their advice and hints and tips just do not carry through here to our deshi situation.

• Like letting your wet shoes dry naturally in the sun.

Er, what sun, exactly, during our monsoons?

• Tumble dry them.

Nope, not risking my luvverly new(-ish) shoes in the tumble-dryer.  Worried that the heat would damage the soles.

• Hang them in front of a fan all day.

No, actually, I am not going to dangle them in front of a fan all day, thank you very much…fire hazard/cost of electricity/daft dogs rushing around the place.


So, yes, good old stuffed-up Times of India it was.

But they were still damp  – hardly surprising given our 94% humidity today.

So.  The solution?

Looks like it has to be to go out and buy a second pair of shoes.

Unless any of you good folks has a better idea?

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***And yes, how right you are.  It was precisely for that reason that I started this blog 🙂  To take an Indian look at our running world.


  1. A second pair of shoes is definite the way to go Christine, I can tell you from all my years of playing golf that I had at least 2-3 pairs of golf shoes being used simultaneously at any time I hate wet feet and would often need to change socks and shoes half way through the round. in winters too when dew is heavy on the ground it can be a real pain keeping your shoes dry. In any case it’s a good excuse for some retail therapy………. that never hurt anyone.

    Nonita Lall Qureshi

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