100 marathons in 100 days

100 marathons in 100 days

Let’s hear it for Chen Penbin who has just finished his 100th marathon in 100 days.

What an achievement.  Too phenomenal for words, so I think the only thing to do is to let the man speak for himself :

“We can achieve what we want!” is what he yelled as he crossed the finishing line of his 4219.5km run.

Congratulations, shahbash from India, Mr. Chen.  This is an inspirational moment.


Here is a link to a report in the Shanghai Daily (where, quick aside, my son lives, and is currently battening down the hatches before Typhoon Chan-hom makes landfall.)

Mr. Chen was also running to gain support for China’s bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics.

What he says, below, could oh-so-easily apply here in India – the combination and contrast of great beauty and terrible pollution…

“I ran all the way from south China to north, I saw beautiful views, and I saw terrible pollution. One day when I ran at Zhangjiakou’s Chongli, I saw blue sky and white clouds. I finally realized why I’m running for Beijing 2022, it’s because I want to keep this beautiful sky for ever!”



Yes, Mr. Chen.  Let’s all try and keep this beautiful sky for ever.

Once agin, congratulations!



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