So what did you see on your run today?

So what did you see on your run today?

I imagine there are cities where you head out for a run, and it’s boring and soul-less, and you don’t see too much to make you laugh or smile.  All pretty dull and same-old-same-old.

Thank the good Lord above that I don’t live in such a city.

Running in New Delhi = seeing something amazing/funny/dotty/beautiful/moving every single day, be it monkeys in the streets, cows on the road, sunrise at India Gate, holy men wandering by, and, on one amazing morning, actually running alongside an elephant.


Boring is not a word one would ever use in connection with India.

For me, it’s these morning encounters with Life with a capital L that define so much of what I love about running.

So, to kick off what I hope will be a collaborative effort from all of you, here is this morning’s sighting.  It was a toss up between cows wandering down the street, a sow and 7 teeny tiny piglets trotting ahead of me for about half a km, all super relaxed, and this magnificent chap, below.

I have seen him dancing in the same spot 3 times this week.  (And I know it’s him ‘cos of that distinctive broken feather…)

And always to an audience of one.  Me.

Poor darling really needs to wise up that it’s the peahens he should be dazzling and not someone #outforarun who has #stoppedforaphoto.

I am hereby throwing open the floor.

Please share with us all what you see on your daily runs?  Whether you are here in India or overseas –  and I am privileged to have so many American readers – I would love to showcase your running moments.


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