Oh the romance of running! The sheer gorgeous romance of it!

Anyone who thinks running is only about running – think again!

This morning, in the killer Delhi pre-monsoon heat, one of the prettiest young ladies I know, and the person responsible for getting me to start running, got married.

To a fellow runner.

Of course.

India_New Delhi_3053

Katha and Dave were introduced by one of the girls in my running group at a post-run brunch. ย And well, after they met, their love story just ran and ran.

They discovered they were true sole mates.

They ran into each others’ arms. ย You could even say they raced into each others’ arms.

India_New Delhi_3084

Dear Katha and Dave, here’s wishing you both lots of PBs in your new life together.

India_New Delhi_3096


That’s probably enough bad puns.

(Though actually, if any of you can think of any more suitable wedding-running puns, do please let me know. ย Love to include them!)

So there you go, fellow runners. ย A lovely story that all began with running.


  1. Awesome…. Many Many best wishes once again to Katha and Dave… The couple ran to each-other and stayed together happily ever after……. Story begins ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot Christine for pics… no one can describe better than you.

    Sonea Mudgal
  2. Lol. Race in to each other is apt Christine ๐Ÿ˜‰ It seems like just yesterday we teasing her. They have registered for ultra ultra ultra marathon of life today and wish them the most beautiful n rocking journey together.

  3. Life full of love and love of life..K and Dave ,you are really the chosen ones!! Its incredible to see where we all started and where all it is taking us,all of us!! Loads of love and wonderful wishes to dearest K and Dave..


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