“I’m running in the rain, just running in the rain.  What a glorious feeling…”

“I’m running in the rain, just running in the rain. What a glorious feeling…”

So today in Delhi it rained.

As in it poured down, monsoon style.

Which meant that the hundreds of participants in the 3 races at the F1 circuit early this morning who all got soaked to the skin and still ended the race smiling and grinning are –  I accept –  all lunatics.

Your blogger included.

We were just 3 from our running group –  a sadly diminished crew from this time last year when we nearly all ran our first 10km – but hey, it’s quality not quantity, right Suparna & Sonea?!

2 of the girls ran the 10km and I did the half marathon, clocking my fastest time to date, so clearly there is something to be said for running in a downpour and with a stiff wind.

Running around a Formula 1 track is pretty special, and even the rain couldn’t take that away –  though I didn’t stop to gaze and wonder, the way I did last year.

I have mentioned before how nice runners are, and today was no exception, with everyone being upbeat, no-one cribbing, and everyone cheering fellow runners along.  When I was heading back to the track, the end very much in sight, I was crossing runners who still had several km to go (sorry, hope that doesn’t sound like bragging.  It’s not meant that way) and so many of them, battling rain and wind and several wet km still to go, were cheering and applauding and “good job”-ing – how generous is that?

Lunatics AND nice people.  A winning combo.

I saw even my own dear family’s eyes roll in disbelief when I said it was fun running in the rain (and oh it was, it was) so I won’t bore you all too much.

Those of you who were there this morning know what I mean.

It was fun.

Soaking wet, but fun.

I can feel your eyes glazing over from my desk, you know, so here you go –  a few photos, of us all wet.  But oh so happy, especially Sonea, whose first run it was after months of injury.





And here’s the half marathon route.  You have to imagine the rain.

And the smiles.

F1 HM 010315 Garmin

And now what?

Despite today’s cold and wind (& did I mention rain?), the summer is almost upon us –  after Holi which is next Friday, the weather will start hotting up – and that’s pretty much it for races until the winter.

Ah well, back to training it is.


  1. What a lovely description you have done christine… superb. When i reached home post run, all in family had eyes wide open as none knew that i had left home in wee hours in rain for running… 😉 I did not tell anybody before leaving. Anyone in family would never had allowed me to come, had they known i am going in rain. My 10 k timing is same as your 21 K timing…. but today it was never about timing… it was about me finishing.

    Sonea Mudgal

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