Delhi’s fabulously flowery wild animals

Delhi’s fabulously flowery wild animals

There are some days when Delhi is just so dotty that it makes me laugh out loud.

Take this morning, for example.

Off I go on my-early-morning-fix run through Lutyens Delhi (and oh, how I so look forward to these runs…)
Am just about getting into my stride outside the Samrat Hotel when – whoa – what do I see, but the most splendiferous cow made out of flowers.
Utterly divine.

photo 2a
There was a bloke just waking from slumber next to this marvel. He shook out his sacking bedding, stood smartly next to the wonderful cow, and told me he was the mali (gardener) responsible for this creation. I sort of had my doubts, but it seemed churlish to spoil the moment, especially at dawn, so he solemnly stood there while I took my photos.

photo 3a

Again, it seemed churlish to ask him to move.

Don’t miss the lovely  “Om” :

photo 4a

Eventually, I tear myself away from this flowery beauty, and off I go, running up and down the pampered roads of Lutyens Delhi (my aim, by the way, is to have run down every single road by 23 November) when  – whoa #2

A kangaroo close to Safdarjung’s Tomb, and why ever not?

photo 4b

And so it continued.

There was seemingly no end to the flowery wildlife this morning – a giraffe, a lion (that was way smaller than all his peers) a totally fab ellie and, just as I headed back to Nehru Park, where I leave my car, 2 birds.

Such fun, but I appeared to be the only nutcase braving the noisy increasing morning rush hour traffic to dash onto one roundabout after another to photograph these confections for you :

photo 2c

A slightly wonky lion (below)

photo 4c

Close up, isn’t he utterly fab?

photo 2d

A seriously gorgeous elephant, completely upstaging the worthy gent behind him.

photo 4e

How clever the feathers are (below):

photo a2

photo a4

There was lots of cute detail, like the nostrils :

photo 2e

Said it before.

Saying it again.

There is no such thing as dull and boring in India.

Oh, why are there flowery wild animals on Delhi’s roundabouts?

I have no idea whatsoever.


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