The 10km that wasn’t…

The 10km that wasn’t…

Talk about India being the land of…

I was supposed to be running a 10 km race in NOIDA tomorrow –  just across the river from Delhi –  with some of my dear running girls.  My clothes and running shoes were already out.  A friend had kindly collected my bib for me today.  Alarm already set.  Early night planned for a 4.30am start…and then we get an email just now, telling us the race is cancelled because the NOIDA cops won’t give permission.

Apparently the President and the PM will be visiting NOIDA soon…

Ah well, trying to put a positive spin on things, this just means that we have a few more weeks to train.

Nevertheless, I have been up and about early most of the last week, putting myself through so-called “training” for Tomorrow’s Race That Isn’t, but a combo of post-climb fatigue + not too much running these last few weeks + + + any other excuse I care to throw into the mix, means that my times have been shocking, so I am going to take this irritating delay as proof positive that I am meant to train more.


That doesn’t stop me feeling irritated on behalf of the sponsors and organisers, who are informed 12 hours before kick-off that their event is cancelled.

All that money and sponsorship and work and organisation for nothing.


But, moving right along –  I have had a brilliant week, pounding the hot and humid and rainy pavements of Lutyens Delhi in that elusive attempt to get back into pukka 10k running shape…

I have avoided banana skins.  Literally :



I have negotiated the ups and downs (and clashing colours) of the pavements of Lutyens Delhi, where no expense is spared for our VIPs :



I have puzzled as to what on earth was going on:




And every day I met lots of critters, above and beyond the inevitable stray dogs and the cows…


These fellows cut short my budding career as a film director, as I took to my heels and ran!


No run in posh Delhi is complete without the “bunderlog”:


And this man restored my zen one morning :


Never a dull moment…

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