The ultimate Shanghai run

The ultimate Shanghai run

I ran on The Bund this morning, and if that isn’t the Shanghai absolute-totally-amazing-ultimate run location –  then I honestly don’t know what is…

I have been on a high ever since we arrived in Shanghai, so fab and beautiful is this amazing city.

First seen 31 years ago, and last seen over 20 years ago, I was apprehensive about returning to a city I feared might have been ravaged by “modernisation” (say the way Macau has been) but the historic heart of the city is dazzling.  Beautifully restored, spotlessly clean, safe, un-encroached upon – basically The Bund is fabulous.

The weather this morning was perfect.  Oh-so-deep blue sky.  Slight breeze.  And even though I set off to run at about 8.30am there was virtually no-one on The Bund, so, yes, a dream run.

Not dream timing, however.  Very slow, but I blame Shanghai.  What can you expect a poor gawping visitor like me to do, except stop every few moments to take photos, so stunning are the views.  Not my fault…

I walked (briskly) from our hotel, which is about 1.5 km away, then ran along The Bund, crossed over the bridge, ran past Broadway Mansions, back across the river, past the former Rowing Club, and back down The Bund.  I then walked back to the hotel, picking up my take-away coffee on the way.

As I said, slow, slow timing, but the views…oh the views…

It was clean and safe.  The roads and pavements are perfect.  Very little traffic.

All I want to know is, why was I the only person out running this glorious morning ?

So, here goes.

Brisk walk from hotel…

IMG_6913 Arrival on The Bund (and you see what I mean about that blue sky?)


And do you also see what I mean about having this fabulous place virtually to myself…


These were the kind of views that delayed me, guv’nor…honest…






Broadway Mansions (above) and the former swimming pool of the former Rowing Club (below)


This used to be the British Consulate…glory days etc etc…


Back onto The Bund


“My” local take-away coffee place, complete with lovely phonetic spelling.


IMG_6955Totally brilliant run.

My take home moment?

Oh, other than the whole thing, it has to be that first moment on the elevated section of The Bund, with the view of the river and all the old buildings bathed in sunlight…too too fabulous.

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