Running through hectic country traffic jams

Last week a group of 6 of us went to Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, and it was totally brilliant. Unbelievable tiger sightings.  I will put up specific blog posts on the park anon.

The park is closed on Tuesdays, which is the day we arrived, so after flying Delhi -> Nagpur + 2 hour drive + a catch up sleep (we had to get up at 3.45 which is a bit much by any standards) I decided to go for a run. To wake myself up from travelling lethargy and also to run.  Because now I can!

I first ran a little round the periphery of our lovely hotel, which was situated about 200 metres from the park gates, and then off I set down the one and only country lane, in the warm evening sun.

There was precious little vehicular traffic, but I think I hit the evening rush hour.  If I wish to excuse away my poor time –  and boy, have I lost form since our wonderful Great Delhi Run, exactly 2 months ago today (ouch)  –  I proffer this video clip as proof why I had to run slowly.  Excuses, excuses I know…

It was all delightful, with a few curious stares and lots of giggles from schoolchildren who tried to talk to me, and lots happening in the fields :



How sensible to have solar powered lights (below).  The rest of India, are you listening ?







At some point I will get bored by the panoramic feature on my iPhone, I promise you, but for the moment shadow selfies & panoramic shots are my thing !





There were a lot of cattle wandering up and down the road –  hence taking 50 minutes to run/walk/photograph/talk/chat 7 kilometres, but by the time I met this last traffic hazard I gave up running and walked :

Shortly after this, a young boy in a fetching shiny purple shirt slowly cycled past me and said in a rather mincing, lisping way “Hi, exthcuse me,” which turned out to be the extent of his English.  He asked me if I could speak Hindi, and then engaged me in the traditional where are you from conversation.  Then he asked me “Kya tum akeli ayi or aur boyth and girlth hai?” (Did you come alone or are you with other boyth and girlth?)  I replied, as befits a woman of my age that I had come with my husband and other friends, but the dear lad would so persist. Could he come and meet these boyth and girlth, (these 2 words he knew in English, to be fair). No, I said.  Oh, well can I come and see your house ?  No.  Can I cycle next to you?  To which, heartless old lady that I am, I simply sprinted off ahead of him (yes, absolutely, because now I can !).

No such thing as a dull run in India.

Tadoba national park is to the bottom left, on the map, by the way.

run taroba

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