Running (& chatting) in an Indian village

Running (& chatting) in an Indian village


We spent 2 wonderful days over new year with our very dear (and – please don’t get me wrong here, my dears – very old) friends Vineeta and Anish Trivedi, who are living the Bombay dream.  By not living there, basically, and living instead in the beautiful countryside in Alibaug, just a short speed-boat ride across the bay from the city.

They live surrounded by hills, just outside a peaceful village, and yet Anish can commute to work in Nariman Point in the same time  – probably less –  than it would take someone to drive in from the suburbs.

As I said, the dream life.

Despite hectic partying the entire time we were there, I managed to go for a long run each day.  Nothing like New Year Resolutions…

Being quite new to this running business, and having only run in a city, I was thrilled at how easy and uncomplicated it was to run and jog and huff and generally puff my way down quiet country lanes and through the little villages.  It all felt very safe and though I did elicit quite a few stares, there was no hostility, just frank befuddlement at why such an old biddy like me would be running (at least that’s what I suspect…)

And oh, the joy, of no traffic, no noise, no pollution.

And, as I am beginning to discover about running in general, you see so much as you run.  Yes, I know, I know, you see things as you walk too, but bear with me…I’m an enthusiastic newbie!





And yes, how clever you are – am also in love with the panorama feature of my nice new iphone





There was some road traffic, of course…

run alibaug2

run alibaug

I like to have a “take home” moment from every run I do, and though every second of running through quiet countryside was brilliant, it was this moment I shall treasure, below, on my run on New Year’s Day.  The baby’s grandfather solemnly stepped out of his little courtyard and into the village street, and very politely asked if I would come inside.  Within a flash, his wife and daughter-in-law came out of their house, and quickly changed the baby’s clothes, while we chatted through the Hindi-Marathi language barrier.  Once the baby was spruced up, photos were taken, just before the poor confused mite burst into tears…IMG_0915


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