So THIS is what they mean by a “fun run”…

So THIS is what they mean by a “fun run”…

I had often wondered, in my pre-running days, how on earth pounding along a street could be described as fun.

Now I know better.

When they call something a “fun run”, what they are actually talking about is this:


Or this :


Or better still, this :


This morning we (most of us) met for our first post-marathon run.

In Gurgaon.

In the fog.

Wearing Santa caps.

As one does.


We went for a 6km+ run around Leisure Valley which is a decent enough venue – good track, space, loads of parking, seemed very safe – with the bonus of a brilliant restaurant where we had a massive post-run breakfast, and ate Christmas cookies baked by our two dear teenagers, Tanvi & Shaivi.


We also played in the kiddies’ playground, thereby illustrating the Indonesian saying our clever Sangeeta quoted :

“masa kecil kurang bahagia” (this roughly translates, I am assured, as didn’t have enough fun in childhood, so need to be a child now).  Could become our group motto.

What else happened?

Oh yes, Shaivi found what would be her ideal Xmas present –  a litter of 9 puppies :IMG_0374

We also, very sadly, watched a bird die.  Poor thing was lying on the ground, clearly in difficulty, and then suddenly it died in front of us.


And I discovered a new gizmo thingy for my mapmywalk app.  Here it is (with fingers crossed that it works) :

Our 7.25 km run in 3D. (It goes on a bit, I admit, so feel free to stop it whenever, but it is quite fun…)

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