Gearing up for the Great Delhi Run

Gearing up for the Great Delhi Run

Sunday, the day after tomorrow, it is the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and I will be part of it.

And it’s all hugely exciting.

For the last – what? – 3 months I have been part of a programme called Couch – 6km, intended to get non-runners running. Which is exactly what we are doing.

From a group of women who were not runners in any sense of the word, we are all running as a team in the Great Delhi Run on Sunday – a section of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.

It’s all been huge fun, and the sense of camaraderie from these young women is amazing.

We whatsapp each other, we Facebook, we have post-training-run breakfasts, we have plans to run a 10km next year – to say we are all motivated is an understatement.

Tomorrow we will have our last early morning practice session together, and get our bibs and Team Couch – 6km T shirts, and work out the logistics for Sunday.

Heady stuff for someone like yours truly who thought running was a thing of the past due to ageing knees.

I’ve never ever raced, ever, so am looking forward hugely to Sunday, though with some 18,000 people taking part in the Great Delhi Run, I’m not sure how much actual running we will get in.  More like shuffling, I fear.

Whatever happens on Sunday, through this new-found love of running, I have made some lovely new friends and discovered new bits of Delhi.

What could be better?


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