What’s on your running playlist? HOOKAH BAR

My running playlist is a mix of many genres.
Some are cool, like South African kwaito music.
Some are so uncool, it’s not funny. But you know what, I LOVE Abba, so there.  I’m not ashamed of my teenybopping music.

I especially love to run to Bollywood music, because of the powerful rhythm that practically encourages you to move to the beat –  like the classic Chaiyya Chaiyya I profiled a couple of days ago.

Here’s another favourite from my playlist, which also has a hypnotic beat.

Having listened to it so many times while out running, though I haven’t seen the movie, I could do without the video (below) which is pretty uninspiring, imho.

But the song is v-e-r-y catchy.

And another of those great-to-sing-along-to ones…yes, you’re right, really must stop all this singing out loud when I run.

= no friends.

If you don’t already have this song on your playlist –  yes, exactly.  Just click on this link & bingo.

What’s on your running playlist? ZINDA ! From MY movie…

Obviously I am hopelessly biased in favour of the film “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” because I am in the movie.
Yeah, go me.
Well, actually go the totally fab Farhan AKhtar who is too, too gorgeous in this movie.

And OK, since you insist, go me for a blink-and-you-miss moment as an extra.

Love the movie.

Loved being an extra.

Love the title song which is yet another of those songs to which I sing out loud, usually with a smile on my face, because “Hey, I am in this movie…’

Here’s “Zinda” in full, courtesy of YouTube.

If you don’t already have this song on your playlist, here’s the link to iTunes.  You can download it straight away.

And yes, you are SO right –  there are rather a lot of pictures of Farhan Akhtar’s torso, aren’t there…

What’s on your running playlist? CHAIYYA CHAIYYA

I love the repetitive rhythm of this song, which makes it good to run to and equally good to sing along to while running. ***

I just re-watched the video clip of this song and gosh, what a pretty girl Malaika Arora Khan is.

And gosh, what an amazing body she has.

And gosh, how she does gyrate.

Enough said.

I shall ignore the visuals and enjoy the lyrics.

If you would like to add this all time favourite Bollywood number to your playlist –  here you go.  Just click on the link below, and it will take you to the iTunes store.


***  And THIS is why you have no friends, Christine.  It’s this singing along as you run, you know.  Makes you look seriously weird.

What’s on your running playlist? BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. (Of course)

Yes, yes, I know I have publicly touted the joys of discovering young music through running, when people give you recommendations.

Of course.

Absolutely true.

Young music is great and all that, but – and here I am nailing my colours proudly to the mast – there will never ever ever be anything to beat Bohemian Rhapsody, and if that comment shows my age, so be it.images (13)

Queen are just The Best, and I have loads of their music on my playlist, but Bohemian Rhapsody is in a class apart.

I don’t listen to it for the bpm, since it is a song with varied speeds (as you all know because you all LOVE it too, right?) but I listen to it because it’s fab and long – nearly 6 minutes long – and it is great to sing along to.  At full throttle.

AND I am relieved to know that I am not alone in needing to sing every part 🙂

images (7)

And I wonder why I have no friends… 😛

Here is a very short extract from the opening bars

Love love this song, and although I can’t for a minute believe that it isn’t already on everyone’s playlists, if for some strange reason it isn’t, worry not.

Here you go.

You can remedy that straight away.

And then carry on, carry on!

What’s on your running playlist? It’s raining men

On a day when the heavens opened here in Delhi & it poured down, I thought this great song was appropriate.

According to Wikipedia, and I quote, “the song is hailed as a camp classic and more recently as a dance, gay, and female anthem.”  Well whaddya know?  I now declare it to be a great running song as well.

Ir’s also a great song to sing along to whilst running (just in case you are not already making enough of a spectacle of yourself.  Exactly).

bpm = 137

If this classic song isn’t on your running playlist, then just click here to order right now from iTunes.  I have included 2 versions –  the original by The Weather Girls and another version by Gerri Halliwell.

What did you see on your last 100 runs?

When my running friend Harminder told me he had made a collage of his #100daysofrunning adventure, my first thought was “Now why on earth didn’t I think of that?” closely followed by a huge “Shahbash” when he shared the finished product.

WHAT a labour of love!

Thanks, Harminder, for sharing – fabulous.

There REALLy is a “non-run” run!

After my cartoon yesterday about the zero mile fun run…hey, you know what, in the interest of slothfulness, here it is again. You don’t even have to click on that link if you feel  too knackered to do so…


So yes, as I was saying.

Joking aside, there really is a race where everyone is given an official time of 1 second, and they choose the winner at random.


But sorry, you’re going to have to click on the link above to read the story…come on, surely you can summon up THAT much energy?!

Celebrating the fun of running

And so our #100daysofrunning came to a joyful conclusion this morning with marching bands and cake and certificates and shirtless men.

Hey, I kid you not.

Well, only a bit.

The marching band and the shirtless blokes weren’t strictly part of our happy, noisy group, but they certainly added to the buzz around India Gate this morning.

After 99 days of solitary running, I finally got to meet my fellow lunatics, all of us having run more/less on more/less days throughout our brutal Delhi summer.

It was brilliant to put faces to names, and we all did an easy run up and down Raj Path, with (I’m almost sure) more time spent posing for a zillion photos than actually running our last 5 km.

Whilst we foregathered in front of India gate, cadets (I think) were marching purposefully up and down

At one point it looked as though they might actually want to be part of our run

As I said, there were shirtless men running down Raj Path (told ya):


And before you call me a pervy old lady, Dave is a mate, AND I checked with his wife before posting, so there you go.

We had cake (lots of it)


We got certificates, we listened to each other’s stories, especially that of our running champion Nischint Katoch, who clocked a cool 1,233.18km:


Here is our Great Leader, Tanvir, the man behind this amazingly happy and successful enterprise:


And here we are, posing for (guess what) another photo:

11816275_10152908948135388_6336665598238478076_o (1)

Fun, fun, fun.

Thanks yet again to every single one of you.

And to finish, here’s another photo.  And why ever not?  We had loads of fun, and it shows!


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