What’s on your running playlist? FOOTLOOSE by Kenny Loggins

I shared with you a little earlier a guest post from Deeksha Gahlaut, a young runner I know, who yesterday ran 30km all on her own, the furthest she has ever run.

Navi Singh, one of our mutual running friends (& also a star guest blogger) sweetly chose 2 songs to dedicate to Deeksha & her achievement.  And, coincidentally, both of them were on her running playlist yesterday!

Here’s the first song – Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

Such a good beat to run to – 174bpm to be precise.  Yes, indeed, I checked.  All part of the service.

And I love, love, love the retro look of the video.  I remember those kind of dresses from my sort-of-youth  🙁

Just in case you don’t have this track already on your running playlist, worry not.  You can download it right here, from iTunes.  All part of the service Mark II 🙂

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