One of the loveliest members of the Delhi ASICS Running Club is young Deeksha Gahlaut, a charming and vey self-effacing young lady.

Who just quietly ran 30km all on her own yesterday, the longest distance she has ever tackled.


I bullied her into writing a guest post for us – poor thing, she’d just run 30km and still she gets nagged 😛

This is a huge achievement, Deeksha, and we’re all super proud of you.

I give you our star runner, Deeksha, in her own words :

“Saturday night on an impulse, I decided to try and do a 30kms LSD to make my Sunday more ‘fun’. Let me first warn you that I have NEVER tried that long a distance and while thinking about it, it did not feel that much. I have been running for a little over a year now and I had been trying to break my 150minutes barrier of running but the weather in Delhi and some other factors have always been a hindrance. Now, here in Gandhinagar, the weather is pleasant. It rains the whole night, pleasant wind during the daytime and no sign of harsh sun. So this was my window to break that mental barrier and well who was there to stop me?!

After having a brief chat with our Asics coach, Vijay sir, who suggested that I try to hit the 25kms mark and then see if I can go further, I had made up my mind that Sunday has to be the record breaking day for me.

Fast forward to Sunday morning… I did NOT want to get up and go run in the rain. But today was THE day. I gathered my solo run essentials (iPod, phone and three bottles of water, ors and energy drink) and set off to glory.

(A quick note here, Gandhinagar has a park in every sector and each of these have filtered drinking water and clean washrooms. So hydration en route was not a problem at all.)

For this particular run I picked up a 3kms loop. Personally, I prefer loops on my solo runs as they are definite, structured and helps me trick my brain in doing them. So this was going to be JUST 10 loops. ‘No big deal’, that’s what I kept telling myself.

I started off around 6am. Light rain and breeze and not a single soul on the route or around. Not bad. This was what I started running for, peace of mind, and armed with 80’s and 90’s playlist; I was having THE TIME OF MY LIFE. The first 5 loops (15kms) went by quite comfortably. I managed to run easy without overly exerting myself.

It was after the 7th loop that I considered giving up, going back and sleeping it off, but the guilt that would follow was just not worth it. Having run through my complete playlist, I was now craving any form of company. I screamed, called myself crazy and had a heated argument with my brain for making me do it. Or was it my heart? I was exhausted, tired, had stopped feeling my legs, my mind was playing all sorts of tricks. The light showers had stopped by now and it was still very pleasant (comparing to the humidity in Delhi).

Just 3 more loops. Just 9kms. Just about an hour more.

By the 8th loop, I tricked myself by playing out the complete HARRY POTTER book series in my head, remembering the lines and trying to echo JK Rowling’s famous words ( interestingly, this is something I do, I rewinds my fav books or bits from the books that I might be reading at the time). Merlin’s beard, I was falling back into an easy pace and was on my last loop when I slowed down to a recovery pace and Lo and Behold, I was done.

30KMS. It was over. I sang my way back to the house.

I had done it, I challenged myself and WON. I definitely felt like a superhuman at that point.

In the end, it was worth it.”

Once again, Deeksha –  shabash & well done 🙂


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