Diary of a Sunday slow run

4.45am.  Alarm goes off.

Absolutely knackered.

2 minutes internal debate. Get up? Sleep? But is it worth sleeping, knowing I’ll feel guilted out all day for not running?

4.47am.  Lose debate. Get up.

4.50am.  Check the weather.  Wonder about sanity.  Already 28C but “feels like 34C”.  And 87% humidity.  Lovely.

Drink water, make a coffee for the car, take a banana along but can’t face eating so early.

5.15am. Drive through surprisingly busy traffic for a Sunday morning.

5.30am. Meet running group.

5.40am. Take pre-run selfie.

So far, so good.

5.41am. Coach Vijay tasks me with leading the slower runners on a shorter run. So much responsibility so early in the day?

5.52am. Warm up lap inside Nehru Park, and then off we head, to run an external loop of the park.

Discover I’ve already lost sight of my charges.

This is NOT looking good.

How on earth can you lose about 10 people in as many minutes?

Oh God…

Tag along with the fast guys, hoping they won’t notice me.

Huff and puff and puff and huff in 87% humidity.

Discover that running around Chanakyapuri on a Sunday morning is the running equivalent of a huge party.

Loads & loads of friends, every single one of them out running, so lots of waving & high 5s, as I toddle along.  There are at least 4 different running groups doing their stuff, plus a half marathon, so the roads around Nehru Park are crazy busy with runners.

6.30am. Camelbak not working, so slow down at a bus stop, where a pavement dweller is fast asleep on the metal bench (WHY would you have metal benches in Delhi’s harsh climate?  But that’s a question for another day and another blog).

Undo my backpack, on the unoccupied 2″ of bus-stop bench and discover I’ve put the hydration bag in upside down.

So THAT’S why it’s not working.  Typical.

The lovely Chetan Singh Gill stops to check if I’m OK – told ya’, there were friends all over the place this morning – and when I eventually get going, discover am now running alone.


Managed to lose my charges from the outset & now I can’t even follow the others!

It’s all looking a bit hopeless.

NOW comes the interesting part.

6.54am. Running alone, I stop, I walk, I think about giving up, I slow down – and then all of a sudden, I spy some of my ASICS Running Club heading towards me, so a quick crafty U-turn, am back with company, and begone all thoughts of walking/stopping/slowing down 🙂

This whole “team work making the dream work” is truly a Thing.

Trust me.

After 10km, one or two runners peeled off, like young Megha who had announced at the outset she would do only 10.

I toddled on for another 2 or 3 km – stupidly managed to stop my Garmin in the middle of the run, so total distance is a bit vague.  #oneofthosedays

And, then I met up with young Chetan again, who took this photo as I ran towards him.  He’s a professional photographer, so lucky old moi.

So yes, all in all a brilliant start to the day, despite my absent-mindedness – am still super embarrassed about losing my flock, poor things…never saw them again…


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