Hills. And then some.

Moral of the day, folks:

I know I’ve used the expression “killer” a lot of late, when describing our ASICS Running Club workouts.

But for want of a better word, “killer” is definitely the term I have to use – once again –  to describe today.

For the fact of the matter is, not only are we (without bragging) training hard & exercising a lot, but we’re doing it in searing humidity & heat.  Like so.  As you can see this was at 4.50am:

84% humidity & a temperature that feels like 35C.

At 4.50am.


Undeterred, however, we were a large group (yaay!  Go ASICS!!) to rock up for a killer hill training session.

We ran our warm-up lap around the park.  As usual.

We drilled, as usual.

The photo below makes me smile – we almost look like a group of prisoners surrendering 🙂

The we moved to our “high camp” to do hills – meaning we moved to another bit of the park, to use the slope there.

But wait, Christine, didn’t you JUST do hills on Thursday?

Sure did, and you know what?  I think the work 2 days ago paid off, because although it was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g this morning, I did manage to complete 20 repetitions, the most we’ve ever done as a group (I think?)

Just look at Aakash in super relaxed form.

Ditto Mahendra (below)

It would be hypocritical to say the hills work this morning was enjoyable, but let’s just say it wasn’t unenjoyable.  As the smiles would indicate:

Everyone ran amazingly, and the encouragement levels were something else, everyone egging everyone else on.

Great team work.

We ended this – yup – killer session with an absolutely brilliant yoga workout, lead by one of our very own runners, Jasmeet.

Such fun, and I for one hope this becomes a regular feature of our sessions.

Sadly, yoga didn’t replace the dreaded planks, as I’d secretly hoped 😛 but it really was such fun:

I’ll spare you all my self-centred moaning about being inflexible and stiff as a board, but suffice it to say that yoga, despite my reservations, is clearly going to have to become an integral part of my running training…#wordsyouneverthoughtyoudsay

And here we all are at the end of a nearly 2 hour session.  Doing a yoga pose, I promise, and not snoozing !

And, as always, our by-now-traditional group photo:

Thought I’d end with a thought about hill work:

There you go.  “Mounds of opportunity” 🙂

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