Slow-mo-ing in the humidity

As I trotted my way slowly down Raj Path this morning, I heard a familiar voice greeting me.

“Hello auntie” came the cheerful greeting from a man I’ve talked about before. He’s clearly some kind of a vagabond, who lives on Raj Path, but he’s always super cheerful and we always chat – usually in English – and have had some amazing conversations over the months.

“Auntie, have you ever been to Australia?’

“Auntie, who is the President of America?”

And, in this story that I shared one day last year, he impatiently took my mobile from me to take a selfie, because I was making such a hash of things 😛

Anyway, always good to see a familiar face.

Though there was no dearth of familiar faces this hot and oh-so-humid morning:

I met Doc Chauhan, the man who set me on this running journey of mine.

I met friends from the DRG, and, of course, there were my ASICS Running Club mates.

We were a small group to meet up at 5.30am – by which time it was already hot and did I mention humid – to join Coach Vijay & some of the ASICS staff, which was fun.

The route was simple – up & down Raj Path from India Gate to the bottom of Raisina Hill, 2 loops of which was +/- 10km.

Here we are before we started, with India Gate nicely in the background.  More runners joined us over the course of the next hour, as we ran up and down Raj Path.

We ran in small groups but one of the joys of Raj path is that you can see people so easily, so even on the stretches where I ended up running alone, because I was so slow, it didn’t matter, since I could see all the others around me.

I always enjoy the scenery and the splendour of the route from India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan, but the one thing this route lacks is shade.  It was brutal this morning.

But the brutal humidity didn’t seem to affect the others, who were all in super good form.

I slow-mo-ed myself even more than usual, to take some slow-mo’s.

They will take a few seconds to buffer, I suspect, but stick with it, my friends!

Keep the faith 😛

I think slow-motion running is super fun to watch.

First up, we have Coach Vijay, Rajat Khurana, the boss of ASICS, & Anjanjot from our ASICS Running Club, at the bottom of Raisina Hill:

And just look at my lovely tribe members, smiling their way down Raj Path:

Here we are at the finish, after a stretching session & a general consensus that we would all stop at 10km, and not fight the humidity any more.

I saw from social media that the theme running through everyone’s posts this morning was the humidity, so I’m planning on doing a follow-up article about the effects of humidity on running performance.

Watch this space.


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