“Leave your water bottles there, along with your weakness”

Quote of the day.

From the one & only Coach Vijay Shukla.

How he manages to come up with such quotable quotes, always at the right moment, I don’t know, but this morning’s gem was bang on target.

In God-alone-knows-how-much humidity (but I’d say 85%-90%) we all trotted up to the top of the slope in Nehru Park, where we would start a KILLER series of hill reps.

Coach pointed at a park bench & uttered his immortal words:

“Leave your water bottles there, along with your weakness” 🙂

What a session we had.


We were a larger group than usual, and so Coach divided us up into 3 groups for our hill repetitions, and made us stick together, and at times, as I watched my ASICS tribe run fast up the hill and walk back down to the start point, in a non-stop flow, we were like a human conveyor belt.

And yes, a sweaty conveyor belt, let’s be honest.


Coach divided us into groups as follows:

Group one:- 16 – 20 reps.
Group two:- 14 reps.
Group three:- 12 reps.

I was in the 2nd group but most of us did 16 anyway, with a great amount of mutual encouragement and support his morning.

Even though we do hill repetitions every Saturday – well, most Saturdays – every week, I notice a little extra “tightening up” of the routine.

Today, for example, we were told not to have a water break till half way through.

Little by little, we are gradually getting stronger, and so Coach keeps pushing our limits.

Which is a great feeling.

Exhausting, but great 🙂

By the way, the guys are not goofing off here, but walking back down to the starting point.  I have NO idea what Bhuwan is saying…I’m sure its something like “Only 2 more reps to go” and nothing remotely rude 😛

Last Saturday, I shared with you in this blog a link to a very good technical article about the value of hill repetitions – here, I’m sharing the link again here.

I have found another very good explanation of the value of this kind of workout, which I’m also sharing here.  It’s good to understand the science behind the training.

The following paragraph from today’s article struck me:

“Simply put, most runners don’t understand how to train on hills. We pick hills that are too long or too steep. We run them too fast. We allow too little time afterward to recover.”


In the context of Coach’s insistence that we recover by walking back down the slope, as well as his gradual build-up of the number of repeats we do – I can see that this training is slowly progressing. Along with us.

Our “hill” – well, it’s more like a slope, to be honest, but steep in its own way, I assure you – is “not too long or too steep” as the article says.

We had preceded this killer training with our customary stretching, then a warm up jog around the park, and then our regular drills.




After the hill training, the mood became more festive, since we were celebrating 2 birthdays today –  Mohinder’s from yesterday & Abhishek’s today.  A whole gang from the Delhi Elite Cyclists rocked up, and we partied away, at 7 o’clock in the morning.  As one does 🙂


Oe thing I noticed even more today than other days, is that a real team spirit that has developed amongst us.

The way everyone was cheering everyone else during the hill workout this morning, was testimony to the sense of camaraderie that is very much in evidence. I have a feeling that, come the winter when the race season gets into gear, we are going to be quite a formidable bunch, egging each other on. (And partying up a storm, let’s not forget!!)

To help digest the birthday cake, we finished off with stretching:

If one image sums up today – other than cake! – it’s this, I think.

Sweat.  Stretching.  Smiles.

And last but not least, our group photo:

Great turnout 🙂

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