Team work at its best

This morning’s ASICS Running Club meet in Nehru Park marked, for me at least, a watershed, as I saw how we have grown beyond just being an ad-hoc running group and become a truly homogenous group.

Our coach, Vijay Shukla, couldn’t be with us this morning, but Whatsapped us all to tell us not to goof off, what we were to do, how many reps etc, and who was to lead the session.

Thus Balbir Singh Gandhi led the session, and when it came time for the cool down stretches at the end, he deputed Bhuvan Bhatt, and everything went like clockwork, and – oh, I don’t know how to express it properly, but the atmosphere was one of total cooperation.

Not sure I’m making much sense, so let me move right along.

Today was hot & seriously humid.  85%, to be precise.  Like so:

But, undeterred, we ran our warm-up lap –  all 2.7km of it – and drilled away, sometimes with one of the park’s resident strays for company, like here:

Then we did killer hill reps.  Coach had suggested 15 repetitions which nearly all of us did, though I know I got slower and slower, but that’s just me.

Here’s a link to an interesting analysis I found online about the benefits of hill repetitions.

I found today that half way through the series I really hit my stride as it were, and could sort of keep up with the faster runners in our group – but then I started flagging, despite my mantra repeated on every hill rep “Pedder Road…Pedder Road…Pedder Road…”.

Pedder Road, for readers unfamiliar with Mumbai, is the infamous climb during the Mumbai marathon/half marathon and it is dreaded by everyone.  Although the hill reps today are nowhere as steep as Pedder Road, it’s a game I play.

Here we are running up that hill & then walking back down to the starting point, in an exhausting, continuous loop:

We ended with planks.

I am a big fat zero at planks, whingeing in pain after about 20 seconds – when I manage to get the right position, that is.  Kanwal was opposite me, and put me to shame with her perfect positions:

And then as, one by one, we all collapsed on the grass, this amazing lady just kept on and on and on, for a staggering 3 1/2 minutes.  Here are the closing moments of one heck of a plank, which ends in cheers all round as Kanwal floored us all.  It might take a while to buffer, but it’s really worth the wait:

Finally, all we need to do is change the last word “ride” on this T to “run” and I think we have our running club logo 😛

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